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Topic: How combine 2 .gig files in Editor

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    How combine 2 .gig files in Editor

    Dears all,

    I have a stupid problem. I use GS for a few days. How can I combine two .gig files?
    A violin from AO and a another from Slavitous in a single .gig file with velocity split.
    The only way I try is : export the waves of one, put on HD, and import the waves in the another, but I lose the preset.
    Exist an other way?

    Another thing. The ability to play 4 instrumensts on one channel midi is really interesting.But why cannot we decide play a level corresponding to a velocity. For instance, level 1 : 0-127 (velocity)
    level 2 : 30-60
    level 3 : 80-110 ......
    like a performane in other synths?

    I am very happy for the rest. I run GS 1.6 with mixtreme 1.05 into a PTIII 450/256 and its fine.

    Thanks for imformations for a novice of GS.


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    Re: How combine 2 .gig files in Editor

    This is one of the most requested features in GS. It is indeed not possible at the moment. It should be in the next big release (2.0).

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    Re: How combine 2 .gig files in Editor

    And when this release will be downloadable?
    Or is it a god secret?


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