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Topic: instruments plays but no sound!!

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    instruments plays but no sound!!

    I have had this problem several times. I load a file, the type is not important, since it has happend with both EXS2 and GIG files. The file is loaded and the instrument plays when I use the virtual keyboard in kontakt. Playing my real keyboard triggers the virtual keyboard, but no sound is produced.
    I just can't break this one, please help me!
    regards Stig Christensen

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    Re: instruments plays but no sound!!

    Are your instrument and Output meters indicateing that they are getting a signal? If they do and you are in Stand Alone mode then it's probably your interface configuration. In the top left corner click on "File" and select "Audio / Midi Setup". There you should be able to configure it to your soundcard.

    If your useing it in a DAW, then which one? There are at least a few things to be concidered here depending on which one your useing.

    In Sonar I use it as a VSTi and after loading an instance of K2, I then make sure the K2 track Output in Sonar is configured properly as well as the Midi track that goes to K2. Also, with Sonar I have to make sure no other tracks are Soloed.


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