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Topic: My Dik has gone...

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    Unhappy My Dik has gone...

    I let him go this afternoon.
    He has sleep in my car (his great passion) for 30 minutes and then in my arms just before dying.
    He was disgustated by he cage. He has always been a free spirit.
    And now, I know, he is running above the sky.

    He has been a truly love in my life for these 7 years passed together.
    You will be always in my heart.

    Thank you all my community for the support and encouragement you gave me.

    My heart is broken. It has been empty of something really great.
    But Dik is in the sky and now I can see him everywhere i will be...
    With all my love,
    ciao Dik...


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    Re: My Dik has gone...

    Mi spiace Roberto, capisco quanto tu possa soffrire.

    Credo però che ne uscirai più pieno d'amore e sensibile di prima, se mai è possibile.



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    Re: My Dik has gone...

    Our condolances, Roberto.

    - m
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    Re: My Dik has gone...

    I'm so so sorry that you had to go through what you've gone through. I know that you're in great pain. Please try to find comfort knowing that your Dik is not in pain anymore and that he will be waiting for you to join him (a long time from now hopefully ). If there's anything that I can do to help, please let me know. I do know what you're going through and it isn't easy. I'm so sorry
    Take care my friend,

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    Re: My Dik has gone...

    I am sad to hear it. But you did the best thing for him. Please accept our condolences.
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    Re: My Dik has gone...

    If it helps Roberto, I am crying deeply for you.
    I know I will be going through this too sometime in the near future.
    Your are a very blessed person to have the love that he so freely gave.
    He loves you,,,,, you know that.

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    Re: My Dik has gone...

    I grieve with you, my friend.

    May he run now forever in the winds of Providence.


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    Re: My Dik has gone...

    So sorry to hear. Just hang in there. Life will go on and everyday will get better. Prayers to you.


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    Re: My Dik has gone...

    My deepest condolences. I dread that day more than almost anything.


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    Re: My Dik has gone...

    I am so sorry to hear Dik has passed on. At least you were able to hold him at the end. His suffering is now gone and I'm sure he knew you were doing everything you could for him. His love for you will live forever in your memories.
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