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Topic: Sonic Implants issue

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    Exclamation Sonic Implants issue

    I am using Gigastudio 3 with the Sonic Implants Library Strings(the newest version), and I have been getting intermittent high pitched hiss/static when playing back. It occurs in approximately the same bars each time I replay a cue. My work around has been to detach, unload the sample. Re-load and start again. This works but is not terribly reliable. I am using a RME Hammerfall Digi 9632 via ADAT into a Yamaha O2r, and getting wordclock from a Lucid clock generator. I use Sonar 4.04 as my sequencer. I do not have this problem with any other library. i heard that others have been experiencing this issue. I also posted this in the Sonic Implants Forum.

    Any suggestions are much appreciated.


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    Re: Sonic Implants issue

    If it's in the same place every time, it would have to be triggering the same sample. So you may have a corrupted file, in which case the answer would be to reinstall it from the disc...unless there's simply a bad sample on the disc, which would mean SI will have to replace it.

    The odds of that happening in a modern sample library would have to be quite high, given the sheer number of files.

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    Re: Sonic Implants issue


    I can report a very similar incident with Gigastudio but not with the Sonic implant strings. It happen with a Sonic implant guitar patch.
    It wasn't intermitent , meaning that when it occured , the static , high-pitched sound stayed there until I reloaded that sound then dissapeared.

    i haven't experienced this with giga 3.12 so far.

    I have a RME Hammerfall 9652 audio card.



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    Re: Sonic Implants issue

    I lean towards Nick's explanation - a bad or incorrectly triggered sample.

    Load that section of the cue, including any earlier bars which may have midi notes which are still sustaining in the bad spot. Delete one note at a time and run the section see if the sound is gone. At some point you should find the bad note.

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    Re: Sonic Implants issue

    Like Yves, I have had a high pitch whine occur, but once it starts, it does not stop. My solution is to turn off/on GS3's audio processing.

    I found that it only happened when I was running the NFX chorus, FWIW.


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    Re: Sonic Implants issue

    John ,

    exactly..same thing here..I was using NFX chorus as well.

    that seems to be the culprit then.

    does this occur also in version 3.12??


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    Re: Sonic Implants issue

    Wow, that's such an old issue.
    The NFX chorus in GS has always has some kind of feedback which builds up over time, with the only solution being to reset the effect. Does it really still exist in GS3? I'll have to play around and find out...

    Surely this isn't what's happening to KB?

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    Re: Sonic Implants issue

    I've had extremely loud static noise on the GS3 included SISS DEF filter patches. When using the non-DEF filter patches I don't get this problem.

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    Re: Sonic Implants issue

    Hey All,
    Thanks for all the replys. I am beginning to think this is a Giga/SI issue, because it also happens when using another SI sample in a completely different sequence. BTW, how do I turn off G3's audio processing? I also misquoted my gear setup, I have a RME 9652, not a 9632. I am trying to get another sample disk to try re-loading the same sample.


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    Re: Sonic Implants issue

    Quote Originally Posted by Herman Witkam
    I've had extremely loud static noise on the GS3 included SISS DEF filter patches. When using the non-DEF filter patches I don't get this problem.
    The SI stuff is also 24 bit, and thus is heavier on CPU usage. I know those DEF filter patches are!! I've found the loud (we are talking about the one that can destroy equipment and ears, right?) noise to also be concurrent with NFX-gigapulse to be exact-and full ram/high polyphony. There may be a cpu hiccup when all those things cause the audio engine to become overloaded. I've also experienced problems with the combined use of 24/16 bit samples when my sequencer (same computer) is locked to one of the two.
    Haven't had the problem since 3.12, but I've bailed out of a bad ram situation, and converted all my libs to 16 bit since then.

    I'm tempted to disagree with the theory about corrupted samples. I've re-installed samples to lose this thing, and had the same noise in the same place. It wouldn't happen on any solo'd track-only when all were playing.


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