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Topic: Conexant Wavestream Message Error

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    Conexant Wavestream Message Error

    Has anyone experienced a \"Conexant WaveStram Message Server\" error? I have just installed GS 2.5 on a:
    P4 2.0GHz
    Asus P4B
    1GB Ram
    60 GB 7200 RPM Program Drive
    60 GB 7200 RPM Sample drive
    Windows XP

    I had it working w/ my Audio (Maudio Delta 410) and MIDI (midiman Midisport 4X4 USB). I loaded one sample library and it was working fine. Then I loaded in several more libraries. When I opened GS it was updating the database when it froze. I had to restart and I have been getting this message ever since and GS wont work. If I try to load in an instrument it freezes. I have already removed GS and reinstalled it but that didn\'t do the trick.

    Also, every now and then the computer just restarts all by itself!!

    Any ideas???

    Thanks in advance for the help!


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    Re: Conexant Wavestream Message Error

    I had the same problem when I bought my new DAW from soundchaser. I am also running windows xp, an audiophile 2496 card, and a midisport 2x2. The tech said it indicates that giga is not comunicating with the sound card. I did a \"restore image\" process a couple of times where all the settings for the entire computer are reinitialized, and it seemed to help. I have not had the error show up in a while, and I have actually maxed out the memory a couple of times.

    Hope this helps.


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