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Topic: Will this config work for Gigastudio?

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    Will this config work for Gigastudio?

    I\'m building a new pc for Giga and I read Killerbob\'s overkill post. So my question is:

    Would this setup give me max voices?

    AMD 950mhz Duron CPU
    Asus A7m266 mobo (Ata100, DDR)
    1gb DDR ram
    IBM Deskstar 40gb 7200rpm 8.5ms seektime
    CPU fan that goes to 1ghz
    Some noisefree 250w case. (Or do I need more power?)

    I want to keep costs at a minimum since it also costs to register extra licenses for Giga.
    This is a cheap setup (about 400 euros) and I could probably build 2 identical computers if this setup turns out to work well.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Will this config work for Gigastudio?

    I can\'t say whether i\'ve succeeded yet, but i\'m building a system very similar:

    Asus A7M266
    Athlon 1.4 ghz
    1 gb ddr ram

    instead of ibm though i\'m getting the western digital 100gb special edition drive, which has an 8mb cache. i was a little wary of western digital but a friend of mine who earns a living with his giga machines swears by them, and they\'ve gotten good reviews, so you might want to look into em.

    in one area i DO have a lot of experience - i would get AT LEAST a 300 watt power supply. i\'ve had borderline insufficient power problems in plain old PC\'s even with 300 watts, so you might even want to think about 350... but don\'t get 250. 300 watts are commonplace and cheap enough.

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