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Topic: My little love...

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    Unhappy My little love...

    My little puppy dog (Dik is name) is grave.
    He is under continuos kidneys perfusion. His kydneys are bloked.
    He is suffering as I never seen. He has terrible belly pains.
    Also he has vomit cause by the extreme high blood levels of kydney toxins.
    Veterinarians say that they really don't know how this kind of disease can evolve. They say that he could be raise again, or not.
    They really don't know. They are trying all the best.
    But unfortunately his blood values are costantly increasing.
    In Italy is incredible difficult to practise dialysis on a dog.
    the same for transplant.

    I cry and pray, pray and cry for him.

    I keep him among my arms this morning as he was usual.
    He has been a free spirit, always happy to live his life, with his friends and us.
    He does not deserve this pain. He has been and he is my joy and love!
    I cannot see him suffering in this way.
    We will wait until tomorrow to see what happens.

    Otherwise I will make him sleep forever.

    Is this right?
    Who am I to do this?
    But is this the life?
    Is this what we have to see in this short time we spend on this earth?
    Why sometime the life is so horrible and cruel?
    Where is the God in this moments?
    Why so much pain on this world?
    My life has never been so easy until now.
    Maybe I have faults to expiate?

    My love is suffering....
    My joy is slowly dying...

    and I cannot do nothing if not pray and cry.

    With love for my Dik.


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    Unhappy Re: My little love...

    That is why they are dubbed, "man's best friend". They give so much unconditional love and happiness to us! First to greet us when we wake, first to greet us at the end of a long hard day. Play with us, sit by us, and lay with us every day. Unconditional love from them we are their family and best friend.
    I can surely understand your pain and the decision you may have to face. Your puppy dog is your best of best friends. I can only offer my comfort and prayers for you and your best friend that what may be will be the best for both of you. Hey, sometimes these things turn for the better when you least expect it! But, whatever may be, you always have friends here that understand and can share in your concerns.
    I have a puppy dog that has shown me the greatest of love and companionship! I can definitely feel your pain.
    Please keep us informed.
    God bless you both.

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    Re: My little love...


    I'm so sorry for your pain. I wish that I knew the words to make it go away. I know what it's like because I've had to do it. I know that your little Dik loves you and knows that you're doing the best that you can for him. I'll keep praying for you and for Dik. Maybe if you just spend some nice quiet time and hold him close, enjoying the time that you do have left, the answers will come to you.

    Take care,

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    Re: My little love...

    Though words can do little at a time like this I wanted to express my deepest sympathy. We had a similar situtation with a cat when I was growing up and it is always a difficult choice to weigh the suffering of your beloved friend with the hope of recovery- it is one that only you can make.

    In times like this I like to channel my emotion into my music- it is so therapeutic to turn pain into beauty. I'm sure you could create a truly beautiful tribute to your best friend.


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    Re: My little love...


    Big and genuine commiseration's on this. If the dog is in pain and suffering and the vets say they can't really do anything - you've got to let him go.

    Been through it many times over the years with the cats - it's an horrendous nightmare. I am such a coward when this happens, I have to let my wife deal with it. This is the problem with pets and life-spans unfortunately.

    On the the plus side though - later, when you feel better about all this - and you will feel better - there are an enormous amount of little dogs waiting for you to go and choose one to take care of. That's what you have to do - someone has to take care of all these animals. They never replace old friends of course, but they become just as important over time.

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    Re: My little love...

    I'm so sorry. I love my dog too. A dog's love is so unconditional, they are such great pets. What can I say? However, even if death does take him away, you can still love him just as much in memory. I'm sorry for your circumstances.
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    Re: My little love...

    Dear Roberto,

    I am so sorry to see you in such pain, my friend. Life is bittersweet and moments like those that you are going through are painful. Always remember that there will be a tomorrow and with that new hope. Your music has brought much peace and comfort to many in the forum including myself. You will accept what will happen and continue to live with all of the wonderful memories of your beloved friend. Your life has been enriched by this friend who has been such a big part of your life and that part of you will live forever in your heart.

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    Re: My little love...

    Hi Roberto, in case you didn't get this PM I sent,

    Sometimes words are not able to comfort, and at times like this is when we need to be held, like you hold him in your arms.
    I cried reading your message.

    Just to think of all the love that he has brought you.
    When you said he has been like a "son",
    that is exactly how I feel about my Sparky.
    I will be thinking of you all day Roberto, and praying for you for comfort and peace. This is perhaps the hardest thing we have to do.

    You ask... where is God in all this sadness?
    He is right there with you and Dik, and He is sad to see you sad. We need to understand that the opposite of life is death and these sad times are inevitable. A good old saying..., it is better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved. I truly believe that.
    My Sparky's time is coming too, and I will be crying for weeks too.
    Roberto, we all care for you and your doggie greatly.

    Keep in touch when you are able.
    Be well my friend,

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    Re: My little love...

    Roberto, I know your pain, we recently went through something similar with two of our family, who now lie in state n ouor back yard, at peace and free from pain. Our new dog is not a replacement - nothing could replace the joy and love we shared with Kara and Zoey, but Marshall lets us remember them without the deep pain, and leaves us with fond memories.

    It's hard to let go, but harder to watch them suffer.
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: My little love...

    You have the power to ease his pain. Prayer and tears will not release him quickly, only your decision will. It is unfortunate that life and death is up to you, but perhaps you can think of it as mercy, not cruelty.

    Have the courage to let him go, and then it's up to us to try to help you through your loss. It's never easy, but as you can see many of us have been touched by the loss of our own little loving creatures and can give sympathies.

    I wish peace for you and Dik.

    - m
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