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Topic: Lost gsp file in gigastudio: Help

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    Lost gsp file in gigastudio: Help

    Here there somebody who already had this problem: I usualy save my performance (save entire gigastudio enviroment) every 30 minutes. But this time when i done this, my computer crash and when I reboot it the *.gsp file of my music is about 16ko and whenI open it in gigastudio, nothing is load..
    Before the crash the *.gsp was about 5'000 Ko.
    Does gigastudio make backup of these files? can I recover it?
    Best regards

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    Re: Lost gsp file in gigastudio: Help

    Hi Dup:

    No, GS is not making a back-up of your gsp files.
    I do not know why your PC crushed, but on a crush like this I lost my gsp file also. I do not think that you have to save a gsp file every 30 min.
    What I do now, to prevent the loss of a gsp which is hard work to replace, I use only "save as", put a mark in the "save it as default" also and save the whole environment. Then I "save as" again, and give the gsp a different name, this time not saving it as default. This way if some disaster strikes, I have a copy of my default gsp.
    It is possibly easy for me because I work from a template, changing it very seldom. You have to adjust this advise to your working situation.


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