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Topic: Trilogy vs Broomstick Bass

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    Trilogy vs Broomstick Bass

    I'm looking into getting a VI dedicated exclusively to basses - mainly electric/acoustic, but synths don't hurt either. To be honest, I'm torn between these two instruments; Trilogy has a massive library and nothing but praise (and I trust Spectrasonics very much in terms of sound quality!) but Broomstick Bass is less expensive and appears to have a good variety as well.

    Can anyone weigh in that has used either or both of these products?
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    Re: Trilogy vs Broomstick Bass

    I don't own either but I'll weigh in anyway

    You simply cannot go wrong with Spectrasonics. Period. last year I had a choice between Trilogy and another bass library (not broomstick) I opted for the cheaper version and have been kicking my self ever since. As they say "The poor man pays twice" (oh how i know that tune!)

    Good luck and tell Eric I sent ya!


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    Re: Trilogy vs Broomstick Bass

    I agree - I have SoV and Stylus RMX and I absolutely love them. Brilliant products, worth every penny. I'm sure Trilogy is excellent as well, but I just keep hearing about Broomstick Bass and I'm dying to know how it stacks up.
    Zircon Studios - Original music for media, electronica, sound design, and synthesis.

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    Re: Trilogy vs Broomstick Bass

    I just bought Trilogy....if you can wait a few days I'll give you my personal feedback!
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    Re: Trilogy vs Broomstick Bass

    I have been using Trilogy for quite a while now and I have nothing but positive things to add. The sounds and interface are top rate and I love the program. It is pretty much the only bass library that I use these days.



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    Re: Trilogy vs Broomstick Bass

    Broomstick compare to Trilogy its night and day.. i mean come on, how can you take Broomstick and put it front to Trilogy? Trilogy is a complete Bass VI and the sounds are top and warm especially. I mean just got and listen to their Demo on Spectra and compare to the ones from Broom..

    right now in the market, the only company that has a similar one would be "Yellowtools" with their "Majestic Modular VI" and it is the only one that can come accross and listen to their Uprigth bass and they really kick ~~~ and all depends on what kind of bass Vi youre looking for. There is tones, if you're looking for some hard Finger bass etc.. you can look for :Hardcore Bass and XP from EastWest and more.. the only advantage with Broom is that they have pattern that comes with but "who really cares" and their sounding are not that warm, not even close to Trilogy and Majestic.


    (for the hardcore basse,i mean big time Heavy Rock solid)

    Enjoy.. broomstick is for beginners i find just like Virtual guitarist etc... the only thing as i mentioned to Mr Eric from Spectra, i hope he will make Trilogy as Majestic, you can open more then one channel of bass sound.. that is the only weakness of Trilogy, they should make it like RMX.. 8 channels... but i'm sure its on its way

    Later hope this will light up your choice of bass

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    Solar Musik ent.

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    Re: Trilogy vs Broomstick Bass

    I gotta speak up for Broomstick. The assertion that it's "for beginners" is just silly. The patterns are solid and maleable. The instruments are very good with expressive capability and nifty things like auto-alternation. The effects are handy and can make it quick and dead-simple to drop the instrument into a mix, and there's also the thing of being able to export the patterns to a MIDI track and edit them to channel back into Broomstick as a playback-only VSTi OR use a completely different instrument. More than one time I've got to SCARBEE's J-Slap and iZotope's Trash after first fleshing out the part with Broomstick, exporting the MIDI track, and editing it for expression and switching to take advantage of the SCARBEE settings. There's a slew of unique instruments, including some additions they've made through udpates.

    Trilogy is a brilliant instrument, but it is thought out with a different paradigm in mind than Broomstick Bass. Take the instrument for what it is (instead of taking some derogatory quip as gospel) and see if it works for you. There are demo songs, videos and even a Broomstick demo to download and try - decide for yourself.

    Side note: I just finished a dozen source and score cues for a Lion's Gate Feature "The Arrangement" and used Broomstick throughout. I sent a few of them to a friend of mine for a laugh (there was a porn flick send-up with a wah on the bass, and I thought he'd get a kick out of it) and he emailed to ask "who" the bass player and drummer was... I replied "there's a couple of guys I know back east"...

    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: Trilogy vs Broomstick Bass

    More support for Broomstick.

    It's surely a different product.
    It's patterns are good, and expressive, plus you can output to Midi and edit until you are happy.

    I'm not a bass player, so Broomstick has brought new life to my Keyboard/guitar tracks. Plus the bass sounds are very good.

    I've owned it from day one and it gets better every time I use it.

    I don't know Triology, so I'm not calling it. I bet both would be an ideal pair.



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    Re: Trilogy vs Broomstick Bass

    I own Trilogy, along with Atmosphere and RMX, and to be quite frank, this is the one I use least. Nothing wrong with the quality of the sounds, they're just not the sounds I look for in my own work. But you are paying for an instrument, not a loop collection. I dl'ed the Broomstick demo, and find the sounds technically (sonically) inferior - not bad, just not as good - and bass patterns, IMHO, are for the Band-in-a-Box crowd, not music professionals.

    I generally use either Dan Dean or SI electric basses, and I never have found an acoustic that plays like the bassists I work with, they are either over-the-top (LS) or dull. Have not tried Kip's bass, so I can't comment, but I use his piano daily..
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: Trilogy vs Broomstick Bass

    i own both

    you cant compare the two

    get trilogy

    one that i still have to get is virtual bassist from steinberg...i heard good things about it


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