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Topic: What a weekend!

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    Talking What a weekend!

    Seeing that I am not able to do music on me PC at home. I spent the whole weekend on a local farm chopping woodt. (Yes, I said "WOODT" with a t!) Hemingway, this guy comes up to me and asks, "Say, ya woodtn be chopping the tree down that me granddaddy planted some 40 years ago now woodtcha?" So, I slapped him with a chipmonk tail and sent him off.
    Makes no sense does it? Well, that's the pernt of me weekend. Except, I gots enough woodt to last me all winter. Some of the sounds would have been excellent to sample if I had a sampler that could sample the sounds I heard that would have been cool to sample, simple?
    Anyway, can't wait till January fir a new system!

    So, what was the point, oh yeah, not that anyone noticed, but I wasn't able to get on the forum all weekend! SOOOOOOOO! "Bite me"!

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    Re: What a weekend!

    Nothing beats the warmth, sights, sounds, and smell of a good fireplace crackling in the winter. One of the things I really miss living here in the city.

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