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Topic: Uneven Playack/Cheap Sound Card/ASIO4ALL/Finale2006

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    Uneven Playack/Cheap Sound Card/ASIO4ALL/Finale2006

    Playback has uneven tempo. It is better some times than others. I have a soundmax sound card and finale 2006 with gpo. When I had this problem with overture, i installed asio4all and it solved the problem. I had to choose asio4all from within overture to fix it. Even with the suggestions I have received so far, I haven't been able to figure out how to make finale 2006 use the asio4all driver. I feel that this would solve the problem if I knew how to do it. Does anybody know how to do this?

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    Re: Uneven Playack/Cheap Sound Card/ASIO4ALL/Finale2006

    Quote Originally Posted by Prince of Music
    If you are just using GPO instruments you might try using Finale 2006 with GPO Studio (the old way) so you can choose the ASIO driver and see if that helps in your playback problem.
    How, specifically, do you do it the old way? I can't find any way to choose the ASIO driver.

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    Re: Uneven Playack/Cheap Sound Card/ASIO4ALL/Finale2006

    In Studio | Settings | Audio Driver you choose between all available audio drivers. ASIO4ALL should be among them.

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    Re: Uneven Playack/Cheap Sound Card/ASIO4ALL/Finale2006

    yea...I am just getting around to Trying GPO with Finale. I must say...pretty lame that Finale cannot use my MOTU soundcard. It can apparantly only output to my default soundcard, using the slow windows drivers. How lame is that? Hyperscribe with GPO is pretty much useless this way. I guess Tom is right that using GPO Studio or some other host and virtual midi ports is the way to go. Its a shame though since its nice to pull up a score to work on with all the GPO instruments ready to use in Finale. I did not see any mention of this on Finale 2007 announcement website either.

    Ok, Oveture wins on this one..
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