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Topic: Studio furniture

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    Studio furniture

    Well, this is a hardware question, I guess.
    I am looking for a studio workstation that will accommodate an 88-key MIDI controller, as well as 2 PC monitors, a pair of studio monitors, etc., so that I can have everything in front of me.

    It\'s not necessary to be able to house my mixing board.

    So far, I have heard of the Omnirax ($3200!!!), and the Argosy Console Dual 15k.

    Anyone know of any others?
    Anyone here have the Dual 15k? Opinions?
    It\'s about $1700, shipped, and I\'m really concerned that it would be cheap construction. Since they sell direct, there\'s no way I can go to a store and check it out.

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    Re: Studio furniture

    If you have an IKEA store in your area, check out their computer furniture. I\'ve got mine from there for a fraction of the cost I would have paid for \"studio furniture\".


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    Re: Studio furniture

    I designed and built my own with a friend who knows alot about cabinet making and such. It\'s not setup for dual monitors but it does have a nice pull out shelf for my midi keyboard. It looks really good and only cost a little over $200 to make.

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    Re: Studio furniture

    Tim can you take a photo of your setup possibly? I have been thinking about getting something built myself for a long time, I even did a 3D model of it But I am still not sure about the design. Like you, I thought about having a sliding \'drawer\' below the main table plate for a master keyboard, but I am not sure how well this will work when you need to be able to use one/two computer keyboards too etc.

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    Re: Studio furniture

    I\'m not looking to delve into woodworking as another hobby. I doubt I could justify giving up $200/hr to build a desk. I\'m just looking for a good, ergonomical, solid desk that will fulfill the needs of a music composition/production studio.

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    Re: Studio furniture


    I tried sending a picture to your email on your web page, but it got returned saying that the delivery had timed out or something like that. You can email me at timzydee@yahoo.com.

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    Re: Studio furniture


    I would also be interested in getting a picture and maybe plans for what you built. I\'ve been checking into the commercial units and find $2,000 a little steep and still not get exactly what I want. My email is: haydn12@cox.net

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    Re: Studio furniture

    I just bought a Bush \"Horizon\" computer desk (Model #MM52402) at Office Depot for 199 bucks and it works/looks great:


    You\'d think they\'d designed it for studio musicians. Just be ready to assemble for an hour or two and to leave the casters off. This puts the desk top - which extends out a nice 13 inches - right at a good synth keyboard level and my monitors on the two raised platforms right at ear level and back three feet.

    Plus an intermediate shelf for a couple of modules. Hehe...your friends will think you spent 2 grand. And that\'s the important part, right?

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