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Topic: Stylus RMX makes Nuendo crash!!

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    Stylus RMX makes Nuendo crash!!

    Hi fellas!

    I have a little ussue here with Nuendo and Sx3. Ive worked on a project 1 monht and half ago and i've loaded some Vsti instruement including RMX, trilogy etc.. then when i was recording the vocals, i decided to record on the same project where the midi data (or sequence was too). Then to not use much CPU i then Uncheck the Vsti (disabled them) to use less CPU.

    Then two days ago i decided thatt i want to Enable the VSti to fix a bit the music, wich men everyting is enabled with all vocals. But this this what happen:
    Ater i disabled the Vsti to hear y midi sequence, when i start the song and when the Midi starts, i see the bar going a bit slow and then i hear (Grrrrrrrrrrr) from the soundcard and Sx3 or Nuendo comes with this message: lalla eha encountered a problem etc.. and ask to send report or not and this is what was in the erro report: " AppName: cubasesx3.exe AppVer: ModName: unknown
    ModVer: Offset: 3f072b03"

    Then what i did, I resaved the full project with only the Live guitars and the Midi data and the Vsti so no vocals in the project to see how it will turn out. But i just now opened Nuendo and Sx and start the song and i soon as the Midi comes in i hear gain the (grrrrrrrrrrrrrr) and the line that foloow the bar slows down a bit

    If anyone can help on this one tht would be cool cuz i need to transfert the Vsti in audio to send the song to mix



    Hi fellas!! Ok i think i just found who's causing the problem. it is Stylus RMX.. because i just opened the project again and the frist thing i did is Disabling Stylus and leve the other Vsti enabled and i played them.. and everythin is working fine but as soon as I enabled Stylus, Nuendo Freeze.. it plays the song but no sound from Stylus..
    If anyone still has soem idea why stylus is actiing this way.. please help
    Music Producer/Arranger & Composer
    Solar Musik ent.

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    Re: Stylus RMX makes Nuendo crash!!

    You should send email to tech support at info@spectrasonics.net. Include your serial number, a description of the problem, and your system configuration details and they'll help you with this.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Stylus RMX makes Nuendo crash!!

    Hey Glenn!! Thanx for the suggestion and i did ti and its fixed... Thanx a lot
    Music Producer/Arranger & Composer
    Solar Musik ent.

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