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Topic: Giga/Mac/MTP interfaces nightmare!

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    Giga/Mac/MTP interfaces nightmare!

    Hi there all,
    I\'ve just set up GS 160 on a PC. My sequencer is MOTU Digital Perf on Mac. My interfaces are two MOTU MTP\'s; an AV(the PC) and a II(the Mac). I\'m trying to send midi data from the sequencer on the Mac to GigaStudio on the PC. My cable routing is:
    (1) Mac <-> MTP II(via serial cable),
    (2) MTP II <-> MTP AV (via serial cable, network port->network port),
    (3) MTP AV <->PC (parallel cable).
    I know that #\'s (1) & (3) work o.k. as I can plug my controller directly in to either interface and get signal to te connected computer. I just can\'t get the Mac to send midi data thru the interfaces to Giga, or perhaps I can\'t get Giga to read what data the Mac is sending. I know there are a ton of guys out there doing the Mac -> Giga thing - - hopefully some of you using MTP\'s - -, so any help will be *greatfully* appreciated!
    many thanks,

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    Re: Giga/Mac/MTP interfaces nightmare!

    I would suggest running 4 midi cables from the outs on your Mac interface to the ins on the PC interface. That will definitely work. I have a Motu Express XT and tried to internally configure it to work with the Pc and Mac but was a huge hassle. Just get 4 cheap midi cables and you\'ll have no problems.

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    Re: Giga/Mac/MTP interfaces nightmare!

    I would go with donimon\'s solution. I have my Mac hooked up to a MTPAV with a MTP2 networked to it. This gives me 16 midi ins and outs. My PC is exclusively for GS, and I use it like a sound module, coming in via midi cable into the midi in on an Audiophile 2496 card in the PC. No problems at all that way, but I do all my sequencing on the Mac.

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    Re: Giga/Mac/MTP interfaces nightmare!

    My current rig is a Mackie d8b plus Mackie HDR24/96, with a rather old PII 333MHz PC running Gig96. DP 2.7 on my Mac connected to two MTP\'s, the MTP-AV is my main interface (PCI card to the Mac) and an MTP II connected wia network port. THe whole thing is clocked by a separate Lucid GenX6 clock at 44.1. Giga is connected strictly as a MIDI line from the MTP. with digital and audio data running from an original 20-bit Gina card, so I can have one S/PDIF port and 8 analog channels. I actually use a Zsys detangler to route S/PDIF through the rig, and it all works great.

    Primary keys:
    one and one only system clock - from the GenX - separate lines of the same length to each clockable device

    Setup of the Clockworks software is important (and I can\'t remember the whole thing at the moment, there\'s a lot of cra-er, stuff- in the rig.

    Giga is ONLY a playback device (nonetheless, I can mix to Cool Edit Pro running at the same time with no problem-CEP receives digital audio, GS receives MIDI and sends back to the mixer (not to the direct recording option)

    But it works very nicely.

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: Giga/Mac/MTP interfaces nightmare!

    hey guys,
    thanks *very* much for your quick responses. I\'ve set up the system as reccommended and al\'\'s (currently) well. thanks again,
    Bill Myers, composer

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    Re: Giga/Mac/MTP interfaces nightmare!

    Just wanted to let all you MTPAV users know that you can also accomplish the same thing with a single box. I am running a MAC into the network port and a PC out of the parallel port of a MTPAV. By running midi cables from the input to the output port of each channel that I have defined for use in GS the MAC drives Gigastudio. The secret, of course, was hooking to the metwork port, not the Mac port; having the MTPAV switches set for \"PC\"; and hooking input to output of GS midi ports.

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