yes you read the title of this thread correctly...

I am a cursed gamer. Somebody who loves them, as they love me, and my love for them makes my life cease to exist. Endless hours, as we all know, can easily be sacrificed for another thousand rounds on the multiplayer platforms.

To give you some indication of my pseudo-reality and reoccurring epiphanies... I threw one of my Star Wars games in the dumpster ... not once... but twice. And no it wasn't an eww gross pulling games out of the dumpster scenario, but I'm a dingbat buy it at the store again just to heave it disgracefully back into the stinkness scenario.

ANYWAY!! - I love Tomb Raider, so here ya go, a tribute for you. I didn't write the melody, that is the original one from the games. A hardcore tribute, if you will.