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Topic: Any way to start mid-note on VSTs?

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    Any way to start mid-note on VSTs?

    Yeah I know the subject is really vague.. it takes some explanation:

    Let's say I have Atmosphere loaded up.. and I've recorded one SUPER long bass note that spans like 16 measures. The problem I'm having is, I've already recorded overlapping synth instruments in, say, measures 1-8. Now, I want to focus on measures 9 through 16 or so..but.. in order to get that Atmosphere bass note going, I have to start playing in Sonar ALL the way from the very beginning.

    Is there any way at all to just hit play starting from measure 8, and Atmosphere will start that bass note up from there?
    Sam Hulick

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    Re: Any way to start mid-note on VSTs?

    I'd say that this is a preference that you need to set in Sonar, as I can do it in Nuendo. Maybe search for "chase".


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    Re: Any way to start mid-note on VSTs?

    I see what you're getting at..but I don't see any similar feature in Sonar. Hm.

    I guess a temporary workaround is to freeze the VST track so it dumps it to audio.. that works.
    Sam Hulick

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    Re: Any way to start mid-note on VSTs?

    i use sonar and that drives me crazy as well ... any time I use any rmx loops in groove menu mode, i have to wait for the beat if i don't start it at its beginning ... I know exactly how frustrating that is ... unfortunately I haven't found the fix either .. i'll be readin this one close to see if anyone finds anything

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    Re: Any way to start mid-note on VSTs?

    Best solution possible: right click the DXi track or audio track and choose "Freeze Synth" (or Freeze Track). It renders it to audio.. that's the best we can do, unfortunately. Then to make changes to your Stylus drum loop, unfreeze the track.. make your MIDI edits.. then freeze again.
    Sam Hulick

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    Re: Any way to start mid-note on VSTs?

    that would work if i had sonar 4 or 5 ... but alas, i'm using Sonar 3 Producer and it doesn't have that freeze feature ...

    time to upgrade maybe?

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    Re: Any way to start mid-note on VSTs?

    Hmmm... Logic Pro does this automatically.
    It does? Not for me...is there a preference I need to set?
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