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Topic: PC shuts down!

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    PC shuts down!

    I\'m having some problems with this one pc.

    It\'s an AMD duron 800mhz with one fan and 3 IDE hds. I boot it up and it works fine for about 10-30 minutes, and then it just shuts down and I can\'t turn it on again for like an hour.

    At first I thought the CPU was overheating, but it can\'t be since that should only cause a reboot or freeze the computer, not shut down the whole pc!?

    What can I do? It gets incredibly hot in my room with this pc on and then it shuts down. I have to wait till the room cools down again (It reaches almost 90 degrees fahrenheit - the room).

    What should I do? Should I buy more fans? HD coolers perhaps?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: PC shuts down!

    Damn Thomas, same here. Just my one computer can make this room about 85 degrees F. 3 COMPUTERS, wow... Get some Suntan lotion.

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    Re: PC shuts down!

    Hey Thomas, I live in Tabasco, Mexico (160 km from Guatemala), here is hot 365 days a year, I had the same problem you have, a friend told me to replace the air conditioner, and the problem was fixed, I guess you need to do someting to keep your computer colder (cooler??)


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    Re: PC shuts down!

    This sounds like an overheating issue. I try to not let the temp get above 82 degrees in my room. I live in Phoenix, Arizona so it gets quite hot here in the summer. Hottest day last year was 116!

    Remember that the temperature in the case is usually about 20 degrees warmer than room temp. With AMD processors it can be much hotter than that. You really need to get your room temp down. Maybe use a fan to blow in cooler air from outside your room.

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    Re: PC shuts down!

    Thanks guys. I\'m trying to sort out the problem. I have another question though,
    Is it best for me to keep the pc case closed or open ? i\'ve heard that the cooling process with the fans and all work better with the case closed, besides I don\'t want it to heat up my room, so it stays hot in the case but not in the room, since the fan on the back of the pc sucks in cool air I mean...


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    Re: PC shuts down!


    You can keep it open to get more air. I work for an OS company and we all keep our cases open...Throw one of those small box fans on the thing you can get from Fry;s

    If you decide to keep it closed, you should get some more fans and stick them over your chipset, memory and that should keep it cool

    On my case at home I have 5 fans...2 in back, 1 inn front and 1 over the memory, as well as a CPU fan. I have speed adjusted enermax fans to cut down noise. I also have an enermax power supply that has an adjustable fan on it to cut noise, and anothe rthermal fan that comes on only when I need it.

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    Re: PC shuts down!

    Thanks a lot Composer22. I\'ll look into those.
    I solved the problem for now by putting a huge desk fan direct at the open case. Makes a whole lot of noise, but at least the pc doesn\'t shut down now.

    Will pick up some fans on monday and let you guys know how it went.


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