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Topic: Crescendo with Ouverture SE?

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    Question Crescendo with Ouverture SE?

    Hey folks!
    I´m working only with Ouverture SE and the GPO Studio and so I use the graphics window of Ouverture for the dynamics. It works really good with my current work, because it´s fast and so I have a lot of sexteenths to make a crescendo.
    But now, at the end I want to make a crescendo at one tone, just before the final chord. The problem is, that I can just set one value of velocity in the graphic window.
    Is there any way to make a crescendo at one tone?

    And, because I´m just asking, another question: Can I set the dynamic of the entire instruments or do I really have to set it separate for every instrument?

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    Re: Crescendo with Ouverture SE?

    Quote Originally Posted by Amrionn
    Is there any way to make a crescendo at one tone?
    For non-percussive instruments: CC#1 (modwheel).
    For percussive instruments: No.

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