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Topic: Quicksound, folders and subfolders

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    Question Quicksound, folders and subfolders


    my GS 3.12 has a strange attitude in quicksound:
    Let's say that there is a folder containing some gigs and several
    subfolders containing more gigs:
    Besides the correct listing of the subfolders' contents quicksound lists
    ALL gigs from the subfolders also as (additional) content of the main

    Is this a normal behaviour of GS?
    If yes, what could be the purpose?

    If I want to delete the whole database of quicksound,
    where can I find it?


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    Re: Quicksound, folders and subfolders

    Uff, by RTFM I found it out myself...
    Sorry for wasting bandwidth...


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    Re: Quicksound, folders and subfolders

    What's the solution?

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    Re: Quicksound, folders and subfolders

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill
    What's the solution?
    I had expected a similiar behaviour like from any other
    tool with folder trees on the left and file listings on the right .. ;-)

    Instead Quicksound is not presenting a list of folder contents like the
    explorer, but the results of a search for certain kind of files.

    If - in Gigastudio Settings/ Quicksound - the search mode is set to
    "recursive", Quicksound searches in subfolders, too, and
    presents a list that contains all files found in the main folder and
    in all it's subfolders.
    That was the case here.
    If search mode is set to "local", the behaviour is "normal"... the
    search is done only in the selected folder....


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