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Topic: Trilogy Crashing DP

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    Trilogy Crashing DP

    Everytime I try to open Triolgy inside of DP 4.6 the whole thing crashes. I have VST wrapper, so I tried installing the VST version. Now, when Wrapper tries to load it in the initial DP startup window, the software crashes when it gets to Triolgy.

    What's going on?

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    Re: Trilogy Crashing DP

    Trilogy ( I am assuming that you are using the latest version) will work as an AU plug without using the VST wrapper. When Trilogy is installed, it also installs the VST version (dump the VST versions) and that should solve your problem. I had the same thing happen to me!



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    Re: Trilogy Crashing DP

    Yes, I've tried it both ways...with only the latest Triolgy AU in the components folder and with it in the VST folder. If I only use the AU version, not the VST, then it loads the program, but crashes when I trie to load an instrument track using Triolgy.

    I've got DP 4.6, the latest Trilogy, G5 2.0, 2.5 gig of ram....

    BTW, it does this same thing with Atmosphere. RMX works fine.

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    Re: Trilogy Crashing DP

    That's shouldn't be happening.

    Contact tech support so they can help you troubleshoot your system.


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    Re: Trilogy Crashing DP


    For me, once I removed the VST versions from the components folder, the AU version worked fine. For some reason the VST version and the AU version would not work together with my VST wrapper (FXpansion). Same thing, they would crash DP. I just don't use the VST versions. Not a problem as the AU versions of all the programs now work fine with DP. I am using Atmosphere, Trilogy, and Stylus RMX with no problems.



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