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Topic: More Hear and tell

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    More Hear and tell

    Well, since you guys are such good listeners, I will share some game work I am doing.

    These pieces are for a demo of a multi-player game called Pantheon. The developer wanted some Conan style stuff with brass, percussion and choir. I wish I could afford the Quantum Leap choir samples. That would sound amazing.

    These are setup to loop properly so they do cut off at the end .I will do fades when I put them up on my main music pages.


    Please listen and let me know what you think. Be kind but constructive. I am still really developing my style and getting a handle on mixing and orchestration.

    Keith Kehrer
    Kamakaze Music

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    Re: More Hear and tell

    Hey Keith,

    I've listened to your stuff and I have some comments but before I got into that I wanted to know what kind of libraries and gear you're using.

    So, what kind of libraries and gear are you using?
    Michael Peter

    If music be the food of love...
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    William Shakespeare


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    Re: More Hear and tell

    Hey Michael,
    I used a combination of East West Orchestral, Dan Dean and Quantum Leap Brass. and a custom bank of japanese drums.


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    Re: More Hear and tell


    Again, I'm not much of an orchestrator. Can't give much input in that department. I think you did a good job of making the music fresh sounding and yet familiar and emotionally appealing. It's like the progressions have a note of familiarity to them but the textures are always interesting.

    The biggest thing I noticed was that everything's a bit dry. Sometimes it sounds like the instruments are all coming from different places, in different rooms. I don't know what the official remedy is for that, but I've found that applying the same reverb, in different amounts, even if there's already a lot of natural reverb in the samples will help bring it all together to sound like it's all happening in one place.

    The other thing I noticed is that some of the brass is a little thin sounding. I know that that is how the libraries sound. Whenever I've used brass with stronger dynamics, I've always had so many instruments going that you didn't notice how thin the brass was, but your pieces are a little more ambient. I'm not sure what to tell you about that, other than maybe layering more instruments to help fill it out, or eq'ing the brass so it has more low-mids to it.

    It's good music Kieth. It sounds functional and fitting and has a personality to it. I'd just like to hear more depth in the presentation. That's entirely my opinion though.

    Your percussion parts reminded me a little of Hanz Zimmer, you should pick up some soundtracks he's done and compare them to your own. It might lead you to a lot of ideas on how to effect the samples to bring more space to them
    Michael Peter

    If music be the food of love...
    play on

    William Shakespeare


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