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Topic: Guitar Rig 2 Group Buy

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    Guitar Rig 2 Group Buy

    No there is no group buy. But it would be great if there is one.

    Since a lot of people got the LPC clean with Prominy's Group Buy, maybe Akihito Okawa can arrange some thing with NI.

    Or maybe some one here can influence one of the retailers to try a group buy for a change?

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    Re: Guitar Rig 2 Group Buy

    hey Chaim - yeah that's part of the reason I went for the LPC deal (I bought the clean vers.)

    Well, it's not exactly a group by, but I think NI's Komplete II - which I just upgraded to Komplete III for around $225 is an excellent value for the money-

    I went for the upgrade to Komplete IIII as it now includes guitar rig II, B4v2 and the elektrick piano, as well as the other great products from the II package
    ie. absynth 3, reaktor 5, Kontakt 2, etc etc etc -

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