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Topic: vsl or sonic implants, which to buy?

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    vsl or sonic implants, which to buy?

    Hi all,

    I'm scoring a short film and need to improve my orchestral sounds. I'm currently using a Roland Fantom with Emu's Orchestra 2000 rack mount and I just picked up Gigastudio 3.0. So I've been trying to educate myself on the different sample libraries, but I'd like to get some other opinions on it. It looks like it really comes down to two libraries either VSL or Sonic Implants. Both spendy items, but I'd be willing to spend the money to get a full realistic sound. Can anyone tell me the pros and cons of these two libraries? I need to know like, how is:

    VSL Opus Bundle vs VSL Symphonic edition vs Sonic Implants Symphonic Collection

    The performance set in VSL seems like a really cool idea, but from some of the stuff I'm reading it sounds like in giga3.0 Sonic Solutions does very similar things... am I wrong on that?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm also open to other libraries just looking for some opions before I spend a lot of cash on this.

    thank you

    ps- I bought the orchestra edition of gigastudio 3.0 and I was really disapointed in the string sounds that came from both vsl and ss in the bundle. But I think the demos on their web sites sound amazing, are the bundled strings just defeatured sample sets? or am I missing something... I am very new to gigastudio (only had it a few days).

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    Re: vsl or sonic implants, which to buy?

    VSL Opus bundle would be the way to go as it's a great sounding complete orchestra. You could build on it with other libraries as some point or expand to their pro edition. I have many libraries but use VSL 98% of the time.

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    Re: vsl or sonic implants, which to buy?

    VSL Opus bundle, the whole Project SAM product line, Kirk Hunter Emerald and a professional convolution engine with a great impulse library.

    The VSL Opus libraries have the basics in very high quality and usability. Project SAM offers more powerful brass sounds and the best orchestral percussion library on the planet. KHSO Emerald offers a second and a quite different sounding choice for all orchestral sections, it has ensemble woodwinds which aren't included in the other libraries in my list (except for the very basic flutes and clarinets in Opus 2) and you can make it blend nicely with VSL and Project SAM libraries for a bigger sound. You can do without the Emerald but for that price there shouldn't be a reason to. VSL can sound a bit clinical and I use Kirk's Concert libraries stacked with Opus 1 to make things sound more natural and powerful if needed.

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    Re: vsl or sonic implants, which to buy?

    VSL or Sonic Implants, hmmmmm.....Yes I really don't think that you can get away with not buying both really. I consider that the best mock up guys are using EW,VSL and Sonic Implants as kind of staples.

    Cool thing about VSL though is that K2 comes with really good VSL patches. 15 gigs worth. That you had Sonic Implants you may not need to get both. But then again..... I'm realying on my K2 patches way too much even though I have EW Gold, and I think that really at least EW and VSL are a must have.

    Help any


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    Smile Re: vsl or sonic implants, which to buy?

    Hi Fromkey,

    I am partial to SI …….

    Seriously though, best bet is to research what each package contains, how each is designed to be worked with, and how that relates to your writing style, and which sonically you prefer.

    If you have any questions on Sonic Implants libraries please always feel free to contact us directly, we are always happy to answer questions.

    In any case I hope you are happy with whatever you choose.

    Take Care,
    Al J.
    Sonic Implants

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    Re: vsl or sonic implants, which to buy?


    Here's a quick tip that will improve the strings and brass ensemble results that you can get from GS3 Orchestra's VSL content: Stack the staccato 1+2 patches with the mod-wheel sustain patches.

    The problem with the sustains is that the attacks are too slow for melodic playing. Adding in the staccato isn't perfect, but is very playable.

    In essence this gives you GPO-style playability. You control the attack (the amount of staccato) with the velocity. You control the overall sustain volume with the mod-wheel. This removes the need for key-switching, and gives reasonable results. Sure, you can hear the blend of the two sounds when they're evenly mixed, but you can hide it in a larger arrangement, and most listeners won't hear it anyway.

    This isn't to say that you won't still want VSL/SI/KH etc. But this will help you enjoy GS3 while waiting for UPS to deliver your new libs...


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    Re: vsl or sonic implants, which to buy?

    Hi Fromkey,

    Focusing just on strings for a minute. I only own SI and EWGOLD and do not have VSL. I'm not great at fineesing and tweaking samples for realism, so the fact that out-of-the box SI are incredibly smooth, real, and ready to go strings is key to me. My version of SI strings lacks somewhat in various articulations, but that hasn't bothered me. I've heard that VSL "can" take some amount of talent to get them sounding as good (and eventually even better in some cases) as out of the box SI does. Maybe others will comment on the point of quick playability, or maybe that potential drawback of VSL does not matter to you.

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    Re: vsl or sonic implants, which to buy?

    Hey Joanne,

    VSL legato is too die for. It's like butta'. A good 70% of all orchestral playing is legato. Lyrical. I'm only using the legato patches that came with Kontakt 2 and they blend so well with EW with just a little convolution verb on them.

    VSL is turning out to be quite easy after all because so much of what we do can be done with just three patches, legato, sustain for bow changes and stacc. And, quite frankly libraries without legato take more time because you endlessly have to tweek, and it never really sounds that good.

    Now with the pro editions coming out, I hope that they live up to their promise.


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    Re: vsl or sonic implants, which to buy?

    Ok... First. I love VSL... like the second poster I have tons oflibraries and 98% of the time I use VSL. However... To get all the leagto stuff from VSL you might be paying a bigger chunck than you originally bargained for. You see.. the bummer is that you would need to get the Pro Edition strings. This contains all the regular articulations, but to get Legato you would have to buy the Perfomance Set which is like two times the price of the strings if I recall correctly.

    So in the end you would be paying three times what SISS costs (which are also nice - I have them as well).

    You could also get Opus1 which is a mini-version of the full Pro Edition. Here you would be getting strings with elagato (and other instruments) but you obviously would not get all the articulations from Pro.

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    Re: vsl or sonic implants, which to buy?

    VSL, absolutely. The Opus Bundle is a great collection, providing performance legatos for all the instruments included (including portamentos for the strings, and a truly excellent legato muted trumpet) plus the other essential articulations.
    I also own no end of libraries both past and present, and if for some bizarre reason I were forced to choose to keep only one, it would be VSL without a second thought. It is always the core of my templates, as it provides a freedom in writing that is just unimagineable with the others.

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