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Topic: whats new in gs1.6??

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    whats new in gs1.6??

    whats new in gs1.6??

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    Re: whats new in gs1.6??

    From the release notes (That Nemesys should make available to all)

    -- What\'s new in version 1.60 vs 1.52


    SoundScape Mixtreme
    Frontier Dakota
    Echo/Echo Multiclient support

    - Enhancements
    * Upgradable to 16 Output Channels (that\'s 4 more than v1.52)
    * Added ability to save/load multiple instruments to a specified
    midi channel (via performance, load channel independent of save
    * Smoother crossfade when using controllers with layers
    * Added ability to load MIDI Files with Conexant 500MB GM Library
    * Added ability to load multiple performances with drag and drop
    * Improved voice stealing algorithm

    - Bug Fixes
    * SoundBlaster Live! bootup blue screen fixed.
    * Volume Controllers fade all the way to zero
    * No 6dB loss with +6dB setting (Instrument Properties) when using
    attenuation/volume controllers (may affect some instrument
    * corrected voice allocation bug for layered stereo instruments (were
    previously getting lower than expected polyphony)
    * Fixed Fault when too many cards are installed
    * Fixed Program Change to channel 10 problem
    * Fixed Performances storing MIDI loaded instruments

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    Re: whats new in gs1.6??

    I normally am very very pleased with Nemesys. This is one of the points however that I cannot understand. How can you release a new version and not tell exactly what things you\'ve changed and how to use them! The release note is nothing more than a quick sum up of (some?) changes.

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    Re: whats new in gs1.6??

    This has been posted already, but for your convenience - the complete V1.6 help file has been available for download via

    or from the bottom of the Upgrade page:

    This describes what is new in version 1.6 in more detail than the release notes.

    Hope that is useful to you!

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