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Topic: Linking RME cards...can it be done???

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    Exclamation Linking RME cards...can it be done???

    The problem is that I have 3 lightpipe cards (inputs) on my Mackie D8B console and 4 Gigastudio PC's all with RME 96/8 Pad audio cards. Does anyone know if I can go out of one RME card via Lightpipe (ADAT) into the next and then out of that card into my Mackie D8B console? I've tried it but I'm obviously missing something as I get no audio out of the first computer (meaning that the audio isn't passing through the second audio card) My next option is to buy a digital light pipe patchbay but if I don't have to I'd rather not!

    If anyone has any ideas on this one let me know!
    Rob Pottorf

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    Re: Linking RME cards...can it be done???

    Yes it can be done. Connect the output of the 4. of your pc's RME card to the input of the 3. pc. You have to route input 1 to 8 of pc 3 to the to output 1-8 in the matrix, which means that pc4 and pc3 shares the 8 outputchannels on pc3.

    I hope you get it, but I can asure you that it can be done, you just have to consider that all the 4 pc's should be slaved to the same digital clock.

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    Re: Linking RME cards...can it be done???

    AH HA!!! THat makes sense...I didn't take the routing into consideration...I will give it a shot and see if I can make this work. And yes all PC's are clocked the same...actually, including the MOTU 2408 and the Makie D8B.

    Thanks stigc56...I appreciate the help!

    Rob Pottorf

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