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Topic: My "Live" Solution

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    My "Live" Solution

    Since I\'m a keyboardist in a rockband, I\'ve thought about a live solution for playing Piano, Rhoads and Organ live. I\'ve came up with the idea to get a crappy old Pentium 2 to act like a sound-module.
    I got hold of a Pentium 2 at 233MHz with 128 SDRAM for free cause it was acting \"paperwaight\" and was about to get dumped.
    I noticed that there was a soundcard installed, so I opend it up to check it out.
    DAMN!, it was an ISA-card, directly thought a synonym with bad preformans. But it was a Sound Blaster AWE64, so I thought to give it a try.
    After formated the only harddrive (10GB) installing Win 98 SE then GigaSampler LE and then about 190 instruments, I gave it a try. Loaded up the GigaPiano and played, no noticeabl latency, so I pressed the sustainer and rolled up and down, NO CLICKS OR POPS, well since I only own GS LE there is a polylimit of 48 nots, but even the \"multimedia DELL computor\" P3 733MHz I have with all its applications coulde\'nt handel that.
    Relative to how mush money I\'ve spent on this \"Live-Module\" I think it\'s quiet amazing.
    More portable than a Hammond with leslie and over all this one was allmost for free, a Hammond is not. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: My "Live" Solution

    Part of the great allure of the original Gigasampler was what it could do with the much less powerful hardware of just a few years ago. I\'m still amazed at how well my old PII-450 holds up in comparison to the faster machines I\'ve got. True, I can\'t sustain 160 notes but I can routinely sustain 70-75 with an occasional burst to 140 or so with zero glitching. So don\'t throw out that old hardware yet!

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    Re: My "Live" Solution

    How would you set up your system live? Would you have to have a table or something to put your computer on? How many controllers do you use in your live rig?

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