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Topic: Alternative to Stylus RMX?

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    Alternative to Stylus RMX?


    I recently purchased Stylus RMX in hopes that it would take care of my needs for laid back grooves, but while I appreciate the product a lot, it doesn't have what I'm looking for. I was pretty surprised to find that most of the loops were similar and that I couldn't find many rim shot grooves or jazzy flavored ones.

    I'm looking for elctronica and/or jazzy/swingy type grooves - and with accoustic as well as electronic drum sounds.

    Is there something like RMX or should I just look for a good collection of loops? If the latter, can anyone suggest a product or source?


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    Re: Alternative to Stylus RMX?


    You're bound to get a lot of responses, so sit tight.

    First off, there really is no alternative to RMX, not in my opinion. The fact that it can import REX files means that it can sound like whatever you want.

    First, look into the Expansion Libraries that are available. That right there will probably quench your thirst, and if it doesn't, there are literally thousands upon thousands of REX file loops available, and, on the extremely outside chance you still couldn't find what you are looking for, buy ReCycle, and create your own REX files.

    The Core library of RMX is indeed aimed at Remixes, but if you haven't already, download the free 1.5 update, and check out the new Multi's. Those really show the instrument in a whole new light.

    I guess what I'm trying to convey, is that the Core library hat you're hearing is just the tip of the iceberg. You can literally have any, I mean ANY type of loop, style, genre, groove, etc... in there, if you want it that way.

    And I think it's safe to say that those of us that use it have expanded that core library a lot by using third party, or our own REX files.

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    Re: Alternative to Stylus RMX?

    • Download 1.5
    • Check out the new multis!
    • Check out the new Groove Elements Directory
    • Check out the new Swing Directory
    • Check out the Example Groove Menus (in Groove Menu mode)
    • Watch the "Changing the Feel" video tutorial
    • Watch the "Sound Replacement" video tutorial
    • Watch ALL the 1.5 videos...you're missing a lot of what RMX has to offer! :-)
    • Get the Liquid Grooves SAGE Xpander
    • Get New Orleans Strut benefit library
    • Get the Backbeat SAGE Xpander
    • Check out "The Sounds" chapter in the New Reference Guide
    • Start checking out REX Libraries in the genre that you are looking for.

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    Re: Alternative to Stylus RMX?

    Thanks for the replies so far, guys.

    I should have mentioned that I just purchased Stylus RMX a week or so ago.

    I have 1.5. I also bought Backbeat and Liquid Grooves. I've watched *many* of the tutorials (all of the 1.0 versions - some more than once). It's true I'm still learning, but I racked up hours over the past week auditioning every loop (pretty much what I do every night... :-)).

    Backbeat has some acoustic ones, but they're more rock based. I want modern loops but with acoustic sounding drums. I tried building it out of parts, but couldn't find the kick drum pattern I was looking for - nor a decent (natural sounding) ride.

    I'm not unhappy with RMX, I just looking for some specific (even simple) beats that I can't find (apart from the sound of the kit).

    Eric, I also bought Trilogy and that rocks!

    When I asked about an alternative, I didn't mean to say I want to dump RMX and find something else, I'm just looking for some specific beats and sounds that aren't in there.

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    Re: Alternative to Stylus RMX?

    Sorry, meant to say a few more things:

    * I did check out the swing directory.
    * I will check out the Changing the Feel & Sound Replacement videos - thanks.
    * I will check out the Sounds chapter - thanks.
    * I know I had previously checkout the New Orleans package, but I'll do that again.

    What do you mean by REX Libraries - these are different from the SAGE expanders?


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    Re: Alternative to Stylus RMX?

    Rex libraries are libraries that are pre-cut up in that all you have to do is import them into RMX using the conversion utility. They won't all be great at lower bpm's like the SAGE libs but allow you to have anything playing inside RMX. Brilliant thinking on Eric and company.

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    Re: Alternative to Stylus RMX?

    Big Fish audio has a lot of Jazzy REX ready loops for decent prices. I'm not sure what you mean by modern sounding loops with natural drums....I thought that's exactly what Backbeat is all about.

    What is your platform? If you're on a Mac and using Logic (or even DP) you could check out the Apple Jam Packs, particularly Jam Pack 3 which has tons of drum loops in all styles (but they are not REX, they are more like Acid-ized type of loops).
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    Re: Alternative to Stylus RMX?

    I'm on a windows based system using Sonar 5 PE.

    I found Backbeat to be more conventional sounding rock loops (at least that's what my memory tells me).

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    Re: Alternative to Stylus RMX?

    i dont think there is a rhythmbased plugin available that specializes in laidback/jazzy grooves.
    My advice would be to stick with RMX and purchase some additional Rex libraries.
    RMX is by far the best environment for groove creation-period.

    Looks like this REX lib would match your description:
    Will be available in REX2 format in early november.


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    Re: Alternative to Stylus RMX?

    Band in a Box will create laid back jazzy grooves... It specializes in that... I'm sure you can drive the drums in RMX with an exported midi file...

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