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Topic: Velocity response issue

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    Velocity response issue

    I could use some help here.

    I use a Kurzweil K2000 as my controller keyboard, driving Sonar and the GPO plugin soft synth.

    When playing GPO, particularly strings, I find that some notes don't sound when I play gently. I have to press much harder than I'd like.

    I know the ModWheel is the way you control volume in GPO; not velocity.

    But it just feels odd to have to press so hard when I am shooting for a very gentle and soft sound.

    I have played with the different Velocity settings on the K2000, for what goes out from the keyboard to Sonar.

    That doesn't help.

    When I look at the events list on the track, I see that the notes that do not sound have a velocity of 1.

    If I change it to 2, the note will sound.

    I don't have this problem with anything other than GPO sounds.

    Your thoughts?

    --- Glenn

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    Re: Velocity response issue

    This sounds like a question for Tom Hopkins...



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    Re: Velocity response issue

    You can find out about that here

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    Re: Velocity response issue


    Thanks! So it's not just ME!

    I wonder if there is a real-time filter in Sonar that can add 1 to the velocity?

    --- Glenn

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    Re: Velocity response issue

    In Sonar you can add a MIDI effect to your track that will reset the default velocity range for you. Insert the MIDI effect that's filed under MIDI Effects / Cakewalk FX / Velocity. One of the options is setting the velocity range (default is 1-127). If you just bump up the lower setting to 2 that should solve your problem.

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    Re: Velocity response issue

    Thanks, loogoo! I shall try it this evening.

    --- Glenn

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    Re: Velocity response issue

    I'm gonna try this with my PC88...

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