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Topic: For information/not controversy

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    For information/not controversy

    OK, I am having to really watch pennies right now following my 92 year old dad's $15,000 "0bservation" stay in the hospital. Where I might have purchased both packages I am looking at and done this myself -- I am looking to solve a problem that there may not be a path started toward a currently usable solution that is feature rich and not difficult to use.

    In my brain I can sequence OK(?) but my ability to compose is visually tied (since childhood) to notation which seems to resonate in spacial concept for me as well as in sound.

    Overture's latest version has been out a while for you PC folks -- and followed the Finale deal. Both (in my reading) seem to offer a solid expressional interface between sequencing (particularly in GPO) and notation with expression marks translating as a "more human" sound.

    But I have seen no feedback from any owners/users of either program on ease of use, actual implementation of the cross-over qualities, and/or even (I am not holding my breath on this) comparing the two.

    It seems from my recent reading - as far as the Sequencer/Notation side both of these products are now more advanced than Sibelius -- which seems to me to be overloaded with printed notation production and clean looking printing taking precedence over the multi-instrument interface and ease of use as a sequencing tool.

    Might I ask for some clue from both users of the new Finale and Overture packages how they feel about the marriage of the two methods -- so I know which way to start looking for my Mac rig?
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    Re: For information/not controversy

    I believe demos are available for all three of these products - download them to get a feel for their style.

    I use Sonar 4, Overture 4 and Finale.

    For pure notation with draft playback, Finale is the one for me.

    For pure recording and professional playback, I use Sonar.

    For a mixture of recording, notation, and playback I use Overture - I can get produce better mixes/performances from Sonar, and better notation from Finale, but Overture is a great mixture of the two - and competent at what it does.
    Richard N.

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    Re: For information/not controversy

    I would have said most of what Richard said...

    I use Sonar and Finale, and when the time comes, will add Overture4 to the toolbox, simply because it is a very good intersection of the other two.

    I'd love to see sequencers and notation merge completely, but realistically, this is unlikely in the near future, since their purposes are, in some ways, at odds<G>. One is designed to produce the best audible output, the other the best visual output, and the requirements for each differ.

    I think the folks at Overture are on the right track, but machines with the horsepower to host a true all-in-one solution are probably still a few weeks away.


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