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Topic: OT: Problems with Perf. tool and 2 machine setup

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    OT: Problems with Perf. tool and 2 machine setup

    Hi all,

    I've posted this at the VSL forums. Not sure if this is the right place for it at NS, but I need help, so I thought I'd try...

    Recently, I purchased an RME Audio HDSP 9632 to go into my Gigabox. This box runs alongside my DAW which has an RME Multiface for its sound interface. I was very excited when I loaded up GS3 and some samples, and heard glorious music from my headphones when I played on my keyboard.

    Until, that is... I tried to work with the Performance Tool. For some reason, I cannot get my keyboard to talk to both my daw and my gigabox when using the performance tool. This is very alarming, considering the only reason I got Opus 1 in the first place was for the performance legato stuff. Here's how my setup works:

    RME HDSP Midi In --> RME MULTIFACE Midi Out (via midi cable)
    RME MULTIFACE Midi In --> M-Audio Controller

    That's the physical set up between the machines. Now the programs:

    Midi In 1 set to HDSP Midi In (1)
    Midi Out: Gigaport 1

    Sonar 4 Producer
    Midi Input: HDSP Midi In (1) for Keyboard
    Midi Output: HDSP Midi Out to Gigabox Midi In

    I hope this makes sense. I'd REALLY like some opinions and/or guidance on how to get this great tool working, as I have nowhere else to turn...

    Thanks so much all,

    Steven J. Kukla

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    Re: OT: Problems with Perf. tool and 2 machine setup

    Dear Steve,

    The performance tool sits in between the MIDI in to the Giga machine, and the Gigastudio "in" MIDI ports - I understand that you have two separate machines, one running Giga, the other running your DAW?

    The usual cause of problems with the performance tool not appearing to work are:

    a) lack of authorisation (doh!)
    b) not having set the input ports correctly in Giga.

    Assuming you have authorised the tool, the following need to be done to set the ports correctly:

    1) make sure all of the input MIDI ports in Giga are set to "none" - the performance tool talks directly to Giga, so no input ports need to be set
    2) make sure the input on the performance tool is set to the relevant MIDI interface port, and the output is set to (I think) Gigastudio 1 (etc.). This should be set appropriately for each of the four ports on the performance tool

    Have you got all of this set up correctly?

    Kind Regards,


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    Re: OT: Problems with Perf. tool and 2 machine setup

    Hi Nick, thanks for the reply.

    Yes, Gigastudio and the Performance Tool are set up exactly as you described: In Giga, the Midi ins are all set to None, and the Midi out is GigaOut Port 1 / Control.

    In the Performance Tool, the setup is:

    Midi In: HDSP Midi In (1)
    Midi Out: GigaOut Port 1 Control

    In Sonar, the set up is
    Midi In: HDSP Midi In (1)
    Midi Out: HDSP Midi Out (1)

    Now, what happens with this set up is, when I click on GS3's internal keyboard, I get sounds as I should. However, when I try to use my keyboard to control the sounds, I get nothing, which is what I cannot understand. Right now, the Keyboard is hooked into the Midi in of my Daw Machine, which means that somehow the Keyboard needs to communicate to the Gigabox to trigger it, right? If I set Giga's Midi In Port to the HDSP Midi In (1), then the keyboard works. With the Perf. Tool, though, even though it's set to the same HDSP Midi In (1) as Giga, the keyboard doesn't work... This is the ultimate issue I am having with the performance tool on 2 boxes.

    Please help if you can,

    Steven J. Kukla

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