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Topic: K7s5a is a winner! Thanks to Simon!

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    K7s5a is a winner! Thanks to Simon!

    Simon, after reading your posts on the K7s5a motherboard and its stability and reliability, I bought one myself. I have to tell you, it is AWESOME!
    Coupled with Windows 2000, it never crashes, my polyphony is high, and absolutely NO problems with my Audiophile 2496, which was previously giving me nothing but headaches.

    I highly recommend this motherboard to anyone who wants a fast and stable system. Stay away from the VIA boards!! The SiS 735 is a fantastic chip for Gigastudio.

    P.S. Make sure you install the AGP drivers from SiS.com to get your graphics card running at 4x. Took me a while to figure that one out.

    Thanks Simon. If you need any help with motherboard issues, I\'m quickly becoming an expert on it.

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    Re: K7s5a is a winner! Thanks to Simon!

    Glad you\'re having success with this board. I myself just had to replace the battery. I was getting BSOD and \'CMOS corruptions/Battery Low\' trouble. Seems to be solved now. I don\'t hope I have to change this battery all the time though. I read about a guy who had to change battery 3 times in 9 months...:/

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    Re: K7s5a is a winner! Thanks to Simon!

    Does anybody use ECS K7S6A (Sis745)?
    Thank you!

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    Re: K7s5a is a winner! Thanks to Simon!

    My brother is - not for GS though It should be about the same as K7S5A, but not quite as many people have problems running full clockspeed on them!! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] It uses DDR RAM only, that\'s the main difference I think. PCI performance should be the same.

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    Re: K7s5a is a winner! Thanks to Simon!

    Simon, are you still having trouble running at full clock speed? I\'m running at 266/266 cpu/ram

    Of course, I have one stick of Crucial 256 DDR ram. That might make the difference.

    But man is it FAST!

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    Re: K7s5a is a winner! Thanks to Simon!

    Yes I run 124/124. At 133/133 the CPU gets too hot and crashes. Something fishy going on with that motherboard for sure. But anyway I only use it for GS so 1350 mhz is plenty.

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    Re: K7s5a is a winner! Thanks to Simon!

    Sounds like your heatsink and fan are too weak. I\'ve got a big old box fan aimed at my open case right now until my new heatsink and fan come in. The stock heatsink that came with my kit is definitely not enough to keep this cpu cool.

    I ordered the ThermalTake Dragon Orb 3+, which is about the second best heatsink on the market according to tests. You might try it if you\'re wanting to run at full speed. You\'re right, though, it probably doesn\'t make much difference in your case.

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    Re: K7s5a is a winner! Thanks to Simon!

    Cant be the heatsink. It is a really expensive 2x2500RPM one with silver heatsink and bla bla. Besides your temp shouldnt rise 20+ degrees C going from 1300Mhz to 1400Mhz... This is a known problem with the motherboard. Many people cant run 133/133.

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