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Topic: hard drive question

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    hard drive question

    I recently bought a 60 gig 7200rpm Maxtor drive. I had heard that Maxtor\'s were very good drives. But now I\'ve heard exactly the opposite. That while they \"used\" to be good the Maxtor\'s are now unreliable. All of my gigs are on this drive now and I hate the thought of it dying and having to reinstall (and retranslate) all my samples. Could someone please give me their opinion on the Maxtor drive? If they suck, what should I get instead? I would have gone with IBM but neither Fry\'s nor Best Buy had them.


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    Re: hard drive question

    Hi Cris

    can\'t tell you if the maxtor drive suck or not
    but I\'m using IBM\'s Deskstar 7.2 k rpm drives..
    All looks good!!
    I heard good reports about them also.



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    Re: hard drive question

    I would go for Seagate Barracuda IV. Very silent drives. I had a dead Maxtor drive a few months ago (only about 1.5 years old) and we all know whats up with IBM drives (I still have one or two of them though).

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    Re: hard drive question

    talking of hard drives...
    what are the GS criteria:

    burst read speed (WD 1200JB is champion!)
    max read speed
    min read speed
    acces time


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    Re: hard drive question

    SO far, my experience with Maxtor has been positive. I have an 80GB in my Mac G3 and a 60GB in my PC, no problems over 2 years.

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    Re: hard drive question

    17 Maxtor hard drives here in various machines that have been running most of the past two years, including some that are out doing location recording - no performance complaints, no crashes, no problems. I read on the Tascam forum that they recommend drives no larger than 60GB for Giga, due to Giga\'s heavy disk use.

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    Re: hard drive question

    Thanks for the responses everyone. I feel much better knowing that Maxtor\'s have been performing well for people.

    I have another question now. I am getting ready to build a DAW. While the potential for failure looms over my shoulder, the prospect of building it myself is exciting. I\'ve been doing tons of research on exactly which components to buy. But I haven\'t been able to find a straight answer on motherboards. I\'ve decided to go with a Pentium IV 2.2 ghz cpu. Which motherboard would you recommend to go with this and why?

    I can\'t wait to hit 160 notes of polyphony.
    I\'ve been maxing out at 100 with my Pentium II 400 for a year and I\'ve finally reached the end of my rope. [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

    Thanks in advance.

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