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Topic: Spectrum & Glenn- PC or Mac

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    Talking Spectrum & Glenn- PC or Mac

    Hi Guys,

    Don't mean to be divisive, but at the same time ,... perhaps I'm seeking the wisdom of men who have been into the bowels of the beast,...so to speak.

    Personally, I use both platforms.

    I was born and bred a "Mac bible thumper"...... for almost 15 years. I was pretty instransigent.

    It was only after a fire in my house that I was forced to look at the pros and cons of each platform.

    Though I knew next to nothing about PC's, and had significant investment in Apple technology, and thousands of dollars invested in Mac software, I had to make an objective decision as to which way I would go...... not an easy prospect........

    But the first resource of information that I turned to were the various forums of the software that I used.

    Much to my surprise, it seemed clearly, that,..... despite my intuition and personal preferences, the PC platform seemed ,for whatever reason, to be experienceing about 1/3 the difficulties that my most sacredly coveted Mac Platform was.

    I was aghast!!!!!

    I spent several weeks re-evaluting this finding, but found that it was rather consistent throughout the community of my peers.

    Then of course, Apple bought Logic, well,.... and then pulled the plug on Windows.

    Hmmm....... Now what?

    After much deliberation and continued scrutiny, I came to the conclusion that any "rebuilding of my studio" that was going to take place as the result of "the fire in my house" was going to be in the Windows platform.

    In all honesty, I was scared to death. .... I knew nothing about about Windows and felt as if I was putting all of my "apples" in the cart of this charlatan platform that I knew nothing about.

    Bottom line for me?........ smartest decision I ever made....... Why?

    Well, when Apple made their move to OSX, I gave it whirl, and I listened to what my peers were saying. On thr Mac side, I heard an alarming number of complaints of incompatabilty, lock ups, complex glitches and just general user dissatisfaction and distress.

    We all have our own opinions of course,...... but me, I never looked back.

    The stabilty of the Windows platform has turned out to be a rather stark surprise to me; as I had always heard that "Windows" was not even in the same league as my beloved "Mac" when it came to stability in the audio arena.

    Well as the story goes, over the years,..... I have learned how to build my own computers, manipulate the Windows platform like I did the Mac, and I am aiming to go right down the middle of mainstream technology without trying to stay on the "bleeding edge" of technology as I did for so many years.

    To date, I still have "issues" with my rig like everyone else, but overall, they are rather notably less crippling and are fewer and further between than they ever were when I was Mac guy. Go figure.

    But, as I continue to read the "boards", I feel I have somehow made the right decision in my "switch".

    So, what I'm really curious to know from you guys(and then of course I expect to see quite a few responses on both sides of the fence),.. but as some of the most respected "software/sound" developers that appear on the threads that I read anyway, I am curious as can be as to what your experience is in the realm of these "differences" of platform and how they impact your decisions as to "what or what not" to develop.

    It's a tough question to address, but I think it would be helpful for me to know where you stand on this issue so that myself (and I'm sure countless others) can have a somewhat educated "feel" as to the "hows and whys" of what goes into the development decisions that are made, and whether or not "one platform holds back development" of the other in the name of "cross platform compatability".


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    Re: Spectrum & Glenn- PC or Mac

    Well...we are officially platform "agnostic" at Spectrasonics....we want to support everything equally and not take sides.

    We use both platforms at the company, but there are generally more Mac guys than PC guys....but the days of thinking that one is VASTLY superior to the other are certainly over....they both have some big pros and major cons as well.

    It's a constantly evolving thing too....what one would have said a couple years ago is certainly a different story these days. Two years from now is anyone's guess.

    In answer to your question, the limitations on BOTH platforms hold back development to our products for users of either platform - whether it's G4 powerbooks that are lagging behind to the desktop power of the G5s or changing OS, or things that still aren't addressed in Windows like it's archaic limit on many important characters for musical naming. (ever try figuring out how to represent a time signature in a Windows file name without a slash character?...OY!)

    The Mac platform has been through more difficult transitions recently than the Windows side has, and another one is coming next year as well....However, I'd have to say that it is emerging stronger and stronger over time. OSX Tiger is a pretty great OS and there's a lot to like about Macs these days.....you just have to hope that after the Intel switch, things will settle into a less turbulent mode and improvements won't take as much transition in the future.

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    Senior Member Patthoven's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
    Chicago, Illinois

    Talking Re: Spectrum & Glenn- PC or Mac

    Thanks Eric,

    I suspected you guys would be pretty "neutral" as the developer of your crossplatform jewels.

    At the same time I appreciate your candor about your experience with both.

    Though I have breathed many a sigh of relief having opted out of the Mac platform( though never completely), I am glad to hear that your impression of Tiger is generally positive and that the overall gravity if I'm reading you right on OSX, is toward the "positive and more stable" side of things. I know many of my peers are as committed to the Mac platform as ever..... maybe even more so today.

    And with my platform of choice-Windows about to get a major overhaul vis-a-vis the upcoming "Longhorn" edition of Windows, It is certainly not a foregone conclusion that all will be roses.( Especially since I was significantly affected by the release of SP2 which, in its installation, nuked 4 of my firewire drive boxes right out of the gate, which I don't have the money to replace).
    Additionally, what was up with the change in speed of the Firewire spec from 400 Mbs to 100!! That was cute. But other than those two things, I have been pleasantly surprised by the relative stability and straightforwardness that XP has offered........

    So, we'll see if Windows may right a few wrongs or wrong a few rights!

    Isn't that a pickle!!

    Like you said what was two years ago, is no longer today,...... and two years from now is anyone's guess.

    Again, thanks for your candor and willingness to dip your toe into this historically 'hotly debated" subject.

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