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Topic: What is this Sound?

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    What is this Sound?

    I am trying to figure out what the organ type sound is on the opening of this track...


    It sounds to me like an old organ with modulation and delay of some kind applied to it. I know Morricone uses it alot.

    Anyone know what this sound is? Are there any samples of it available?



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    Re: What is this Sound?

    Morricone is a genius of arrangement and orchestration, always so fresh!
    These are the kind of sounds I like a lot, but it's very unusual to find them anywhere as samples becuase they're not widely popular.

    It's not hard to make something approaching it, but for an enthusiast it's always a bit disappointing because there's so much else that went to make the original sound. A Time & Love plugin might help....;-)!

    here's a suggestion: try layering a fairly cheesy organ sound (not a Hammond, more a Farfisa-type) with a softish clavinet or spinett and then add tremolo, or leslie vibrato. (Precision Sound have a nice Philicorda organ at a great price, and there are probably plenty of VST OrganPlugins).

    Using a valve-type compressor plugin, maybe also an amp simulator if you have one and a simple reverb -a plate or a medium room-also helps. You don't want much top in the sound either.

    If you make some music with that, it'd be fun to hear it.


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    Re: What is this Sound?

    I think Nigel has this pretty well covered. The only thing to add is that the envelope shape of this sound isn't really the standard organ 'On-Off'. It sounds like the response is more like piano or vibes - no sustain, with a couple of seconds decay. I think some of the Yamaha stage organs used to have a switch to do that. In fact, some of them even had a few extra voices - including harpsichord- that you could mix in with the flutes...

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