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Topic: can u do this?

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    can u do this?

    is it possible to have a setup where u would use a digital piano (which unfortunately do not come with a mod wheel) to press the keys while simultaneoulsy using a mod wheel from an inexpensive midi controller like one of those tiny 25 key ones (or maybe one without keys at all if that exists)-- and if so, what would u have to do to make that work-- I myself am trying to get a hold of a good 88-key piano-feel weighted controller with its own mod wheel, and the fact is those are hard to come by (the old-school controllers from yamaha, roland, peavey seem to be the most reliable yet for some strange reason they've all stopped making them)--but digital pianos are easier to find (yamaha p60 for one is pretty affordable), just they are lacking necessary items for certain midi work, including gpo-- also, do digital pianos generally transmit aftertouch? (it's gotta be a simultaneous thing because for me it's too annoying to record the keys with no mod wheel info and then do a second run and record the info (with gpo, i mean, b/c the first run is then with no volume)--any insights would be appreciated! thanks


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    Re: can u do this?

    Well, if you have a MIDI interface on your pc with multiple ports you may be able to configure your software to listen to both ports on the same channel, thereby responding to them similtaneously. The simplest fix would probably be to buy a cheap MIDI merge box and plug both keyboards into it and merge the data on the way to the pc. That shouldn't cost more than $20 or so and it wold cut down on confusion. Anyway, yes, it's certainly possible.

    Also, check to see if either keyboard has an internal merge function that would let you run the second keyboard into the MIDI IN of first and all the data wold come out at the THROUGH port. Some pianos do that- an instant fix for your problem.

    On the aftertouch queston, some do, some don't- you just have to check and see for a particular model. It's getting more common, but dedicated pianos often don't, especially if they are less expensive.

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    Re: can u do this?

    thanks for the info-- what I just can't understand is why in the world someone doesn't manufacture a great 88-key controller with great feel, no sounds, transmit all midi data, with normal velocity curves, and reliable, and inexpensive-- don't u think they'd make a killing? studiologic is like the only company but first of all yamaha is known for better piano feel, and also reliability seems to be a major issue, especially with the sl-880, and some earlier versions are more reliable but are missing aftertouch or weighted keys, etc.-- why is it that as computers are making more and more advances and keyboards with sound are becoming less and less necessary, that companies like roland and yamaha stop making controllers-- don't they see the amazing market that's out there for this? but i guess that's just me...

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    Smile Re: can u do this?

    Here you go : http://www.musiciansfriend.com/srs7/...se_pid/709203/This is what you are looking for I think. By the way, I use a roland keyboard for inputing the key data but use the modwheel on my yamaha through a midisport interface.


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    Re: can u do this?

    i tried that controller out at my local music store, and to tell u truth i wasn't very happy with the feel--and having read some reviews i think some other people agree with me-- i just don't get why yamaha themselves stopped making controllers when the demand for them is rising

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    Re: can u do this?

    What you want (and what I want!!) is either a used Yamaha KX-88 or better yet, a Kurzweil MIDIboard. The Kurweil was the best controller ever. Wheels, amazing action, programmable knobs, sliders, EVERYTHING you could want in a controller. They're rarer than dang-it now.
    I have to agree on the M-Audio, I sent it back after one hour with the action. I'd love to have one of M-Audio's 88-key unweighted controllers actually, for GPO, drum programming and such but they have no assignable knobs or faders like the Keystation does. You just can't win.

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    Re: can u do this?

    Quote Originally Posted by Prince of Music
    Since most of the controllers keyboards now are USB, you wont need a midi merge box.
    Yeah, that's true!

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    Re: can u do this?

    Have you heard of the new CME keyboards? KEyboard magazine gave them a pretty good review...


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    Re: can u do this?

    Quote Originally Posted by diegom
    Have you heard of the new CME keyboards? KEyboard magazine gave them a pretty good review...

    Yeah, those look like they could really do the job! I'd be up for a 61 and the 88 key version, myself. And they're red so they'll look awesome under the Nord stuff!

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    Re: can u do this?

    I've got a StudioLogic weighted 88 keywith a mod wheel which I hope to one day be able to play. However, since I frequently compose via notation instead of keyboards, I'll often set a slider on my Mackie D8B mixer to transmit cc1 in HUI mode. That way, after writing the notes, I can play it back in record mode and ride a fader to get the "feel" of it via cc1.
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