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Topic: boot.ini/3GB Switch

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    boot.ini/3GB Switch

    boot.ini/3GB Switch

    any thoughts?

    anyone doing this with great success?

    please share reliability/benefits/stability


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    Re: boot.ini/3GB Switch

    this is not about the kernel memory and would not help.
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    Re: boot.ini/3GB Switch

    i'm using it, had to also flag the exe of the sequencer app i'm using to be "large memory aware" for it to work....so when i load up an extreme template, and look in task manager, 2.5 gigs approx for the process (shown as the sequencer....kontakt is used as a plugin).....

    this works fine for me, for loading up huge libraries, but playing them is the difficult part, given K2's cpu overloads....

    (used imagecfg.exe to 'flag' the .exe)

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