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Topic: Prominy guitars feedback

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    Prominy guitars feedback

    I'm looking into this group buy (mostly interested in the LPC clean guitar samples) and i wanted some feedback from current users regarding playability, i.e. how easy is it to just load it up and play in realtime, both for solos and for rhythm--judging from the controller pdf., it looks quite complicated, but sometimes these things are easier than they seem-- thanks!

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    Re: Prominy guitars feedback

    I've had the LPC Clean library for a little while. Don't be scared off by the controller chart, the library is actually a lot more playable and smaller (in a good way) then it seems by a first read of the chart. Some of the patches are redundant and let you load up only one guitar string instead of the entire fretboard to save memory if you only need a few notes of a particular articulation. If you look at the controller chart you'll see that for every articulation there is a standard patch, like for Single Staccato (03_s_staccato) and an optimized patch (03_s_staccato_opt), most of the time you'll use one of these patches for a given articulation.

    Using the basic patches the LPC is very playable in realtime and a lot of fun to play. One of my favorite patches is the Single Sustain Hammer-on Pull-off patch (220_s_hamm_pull_opt_key, the keyswitch is to choose between up and down picking). The patch is programmed so that every note cuts off the last note and its great for doing the bulk of lead work (for me anyway). What's nice is that if you really want to get deep with the library and make your tracks as realistic as possible the tools are there.

    One more thing about the library is the sound.. its exactly what a clean Les Paul sounds like. I have a real Les Paul and Prominy nailed the sound. I run the LPC Clean through external processing (POD XT) and it sounds amazing.

    Hope that helps..


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    Re: Prominy guitars feedback

    thanks a lot, michael, yeah that controller chart made me want to run in another direction -- what about doing rhythm parts, i mean, i have realguitar for acoustic and their method for strumming is pretty easy and intuitive, so what's it like in lpc, is it easy to strum any rhythm in realtime, with any chords u may want, etc.?

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    Re: Prominy guitars feedback

    I pulled up this thread because I was curious about the development of Kontakt multis for LPC. I know in the case of Lyrical Distortion (another amazing electric guitar library), 2112's multi's made a huge difference in my ability to use the library (I tend to compose in real time).

    I have not had a chance to use the LPC library, but do you think the library's usefulness could be enhanced by the development of multis so, for example, most chord articulation could be performed in real time (with full chords/palm mutes, release samples, etc, and leads could include real time control of typical hammer and pick levels. With Konakt 2, you have access to 16 instruments at a time.

    (I know that LPC already includes substantial keyswtiching, etc and the shear number of articulation increases the difficulty of allowing broad real-time control.)

    That said, what do you think?

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