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Topic: Soundchaser's portable computers

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    Soundchaser\'s portable computers

    I have the lunchbox model. Has anyone else purchased their portable computers?

    If so, what\'s your experience been like interms of:
    1)quality and reliablity of computer
    2) service from Soundchaser

    Just curious...

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    Re: Soundchaser\'s portable computers

    I bought a giga PC from Soundchaser last September and they\'ve been very cool to work with every time I called with a problem.

    I should clarify that the couple of problems that I had was due to my newbie status and the ridiculous lack of documentation that ships with giga - NOT the PC itself.

    I think they\'re a great company.

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    Re: Soundchaser\'s portable computers

    What is your computer used for?

    What non-music software, if any, is on it?

    Anybody else that has bought exclusively the portable solutions they offer...comments?

    I\'m sure the PC desktop/rackmount that is dedicated to Giga or a sequencer will rock.

    But I\'m maily looking to hear from othres that have purchased the portable solution or have a system from them that runs Giga and sequencer as well as other non-music apps.

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    Re: Soundchaser\'s portable computers

    You\'re right... my system is a dedicated giga PC. And I wouldn\'t exactly call it \"portable\". Perhaps Soundchaser now puts together more mobile units, but I wouldn\'t want to be hauling around my 4 RU CPU.

    Still, I\'ve been very happy with the service that Soundchaser has provided.

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