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Topic: RMX MIDI Learn? Q

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    Question RMX MIDI Learn? Q

    I couldn't find anything about this using the search function, so...

    I'm trying to get the sliders on my keyboard (Roland U-20) to correspond to controls in RMX (v. 1.5). I select MIDI learn, move a slider, move a control in RMX and... nothing. No control. The Logic 7 transport window indicates that the slider is sending in a MIDI signal, so I know that isn't the issue. Any ideas? Do I need to set the channels to correspond to one another or something? The keyboard is pretty old, but I don't want to invest in a newer MIDI controller if that isn't the issue. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.


    If it helps, I'm using RMX in Logic 7.1 on a Mac G5 with OSX 10.3.9.

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    Re: RMX MIDI Learn? Q

    Remember that Logic blocks cc7 and cc10 messages and routes them to its own mixer.

    Other than that, just make sure you are communicating correctly with RMX in Logic.

    LOTS of information available on the subject in version 1.5 materials:

    • MIDI Learn Chapter in the Reference Guide
    • RMX and Logic video tutorial
    • MIDI Learn Video Tutorial
    • Setting Up a Hardware Controller video tutorial

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