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Topic: Automation issues in RMX 1.5

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    Automation issues in RMX 1.5

    I am having problems when automating data on RMX 1.5 and recording into logic 7.1.1. Sometimes, I have not figured out the rhyme/reason, as soon as I start moving faders while recording and it shows the automation data in arrange window, the sound of that file in RMX is no longer audible. Also, have noticed that when assign Midi learn controls, if move to other pages and come back to the edit page, the controls assigned can be heard, but they are not visibly moving in RMX.

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    Re: Automation issues in RMX 1.5

    Ignore the second half of the post, about the faders not moving. Sorry.

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    Re: Automation issues in RMX 1.5

    OK, so I will answer the rest of my post. Looked at the RMX and Logic tutorial and my question was answered.

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