After many months of trying for optimum GS performance from my humble PC - an effort that my girlfriend says I expend more passion on than other important things (whatever she means by that), the Japanese have finally created the solution! I\'ve already written to them (sorry youre too late guys) to become the exclusive US distributor for the NEC Earth Simulator!!!!
(No RAM or latency questions please.)

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Japanese supercomputer takes world\'s fastest title from US

A new Japanese supercomputer has taken the title of world\'s fastest away from the US.

The NEC Earth Simulator processes data five times faster than its closest competitor.

It works at a speed of 35,600 gigaflops compared to its closest rival, IBM\'s ASCI White, which runs at a speed of 7,226 gigaflops.

A gigaflop equals a billion mathematical operations per second.

The NEC Earth Simulator is as large as four tennis courts and creates a \"virtual planet Earth\" to predict climate patterns.

Jack Dongarra, a University of Tennessee computer science professor, leads the group of researchers that tracks the world\'s 500 speediest computers.

\"This machine is more powerful than the 20 fastest computers in the US,\" Mr Dongarra said. \"It\'s more powerful than all of the Department of Energy and Department of Defence computers together.\"