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Topic: Mod Wheel Mayhem

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    Question Mod Wheel Mayhem

    I'm a long time lurker, finally having a question I hope is worth asking.

    I recently began creating my first gig "library" with Giga editor (GS3 orch.),
    and I thought a choir gig would make a good starter.

    The problem I soon bumped in to though, was how to make the Mod-wheel work as a switching device between different samples.
    What I want though, is smooth transitions, not regular switching
    (same note, but different samples at different velocities; p-mp-mf-f; you get my point ).

    Some might say RTFM (I have already wrestled with it more than a bit), but I'd much rather have the answer served on a silver plate by someone with the knowhow

    Thanx alot!

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    Re: Mod Wheel Mayhem

    In the editor, set up a dimension with control source "layer". Then, under "all parameters", click on crossfade in start: you'll see a little gray box with three dots. Click the box, and it brings up the cross fade editor. You then can draw in how you want the two layers combined. Once you find the cross fade editor it is pretty self-explanatory. -- Actually, it is also under the Edit menu at the top, though I never seem to go that way to get there.

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    Re: Mod Wheel Mayhem

    Thanks a lot m8! It works! I had the dimension controllers mixed up...I had chosen "Mod Wheel" instead of "Layer" *bangs head on wall*
    Thanks again!


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