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Topic: The new DDR2 Ram

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    The new DDR2 Ram

    Hello all.

    I am currently building a second computer which will house GS3. I am looking into the Intel motherboards and was wondering if anyone has experience with the new DDR2 Ram, its supposed to be better somehow, im hoping since its new technology that it does not interfere with GS3.



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    Re: The new DDR2 Ram

    It's faster memory chips. As long as you are using a motherboard that supports it and that works well with Giga, 'faster is better' :-)

    There are different speeds of DDR2 memory chips. Make sure you know exactly what you are paying for so that you don't pay more than you should.

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    Re: The new DDR2 Ram

    ddr2 ram is actually slower than ddr1
    try to get a asus p4p800dlx or p4c800dlx with intel p4 or with a asus 479 adaoter and a pentium-m if you want to stay on the intel side. everything else makes not sense for giga. pci-e mainboards often give you a bad i/o latency.
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