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Topic: transfering files to new disk

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    transfering files to new disk

    I am upgrading my sample drive from a 30 gig to an 80. The drive I am replacing is on my second IDE master buss.
    Can anyone tell me how to move my sample files to the new disk without using removable media. I assumed I could do it like I do on my Mac by using the CD cable to attach the new drive and then copy my files between disks. When I tried this my pc did not show me the new disk. Does the disk automatically show up in windows? Any of you pc experts help me out?

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    Re: transfering files to new disk

    You have to partition and format the drive first. If you\'re using Win9x/ME, click on Start, then Run, and type FDISK. If you\'ve got it hooked up correctly (I\'m assuming you checked on bootup, and saw the new drive there?), option 5 changes the drive. Select the 80 gig drive, and then create a new partition. Go ahead and create the maximum size allowed. exit FDISK, and restart the computer. Then the drive will show up. Go into My Computer, right-click on the drive, and select Format. When that\'s done, you can drag and drop the files. If you\'re uncomfortable with ANY of this, have a PC guy do it.

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    Re: transfering files to new disk

    Thanks for your help.

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