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Topic: M-Audio ProSessions Premium Grand Piano??

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    M-Audio ProSessions Premium Grand Piano??

    In the spirit of making everyone aware of a new piano when I run across it, here is the very little information I've found about this recent release:


    It's done by Sonic Reality, whose work I generally like, although they usually seem to have too few layers since they're developing for RAM loaded
    programs (SampleTank, for instance). Could be very interesting to see them developing larger sample sets.

    Maddeningly few details. Anyone know more about this piano library? (Number of layers, size of the entire multisample, etc?0

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    Re: M-Audio ProSessions Premium Grand Piano??

    No one has any information at all? Strange that they tell us so little.

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    Re: M-Audio ProSessions Premium Grand Piano??

    Yah. Like why not a few demos? At the M-audio site, where incidentally the piano's priced at $99 (20 bucks more), there's NO mp3 demos, no detailed description of the exact number of layers, etc.


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    Re: M-Audio ProSessions Premium Grand Piano??

    Looks as though M-Audio is putting some energy into marketing this piano: it and their other sample sets are listed in an ad for J&R Electonics in today's Circuits Section of the NYT. I think it's the first time I've seen a sample set advertised in a newspaper. Piano samples going mainstream?

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    Re: M-Audio ProSessions Premium Grand Piano??

    I'm really disappointed with M-Audio at this point. I am having a terrible time getting support for a question I have about the sustain pedal of my keystation pro 88, and the Jimmy Chamberlin pro-sessions drum library seems to be a lot of hoo-hah. No release date (after marketing it as an available item back in August), and no one who could tell me when I might be able to get it.

    Sorry to vent. I hope that you have better luck with them than I have.

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