Well, Wilma is officially the most intense hurricane in HISTORY. I'm in Southeast Florida, on the other side of the state from the current projected landfall and in the line of the eye path. Last year we got Francis and Jeanne and this year we were brushed by Katrina before it went into the Gulf and did the incredible damage to the Gulf Coast. I'm a rare native South Floridian and like many down here and along the Gulf Coast have become very hurricane weary. I'm starting to seriously think about relocating. This is almost the end of October for Pete's sake! All of the 'experts' say that this type of the hurricane season is going to be the norm for a while because we're in a 20 to 30 year hurricane cycle.

Anyway, for anyone in the projected path of Wilma, take is seriously, if you're supposed to evacuate, do it.. above all, stay safe, keyboards and computers can be replaced, the minds that use those tools to create music cannot.