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Topic: importing dual mono and M5

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    importing dual mono and M5

    I'm a Mach V user and I use it constantly but I'm at the end of my rope with it's limits, not being able to change the file structure as in edit the samples outside of M5, not being able to point M5 to the folder to refind lost samples, or save a program and samples seperately, I'm sure they're working on it (even thought they showed it a year ago at namm). So anyway, I have Kontakt II as part of the komplete bundle and I just started checking it out, i'm diggin it, it's great. I've been able to import alot of my own M5 presets but the hitch is only if the samples in the M5 preset contain mono or stereo interleaven files, it won't import a sample that is "sample.L" and "sample.R" which Digital perfomer works with. Anyone had any luck with this kind of import?
    resaving each sample in a combined stereo format in peak then rebuilding the presets would take forever in some of my multilayer presets.

    My Gear:
    Sonica P3 w/ 2 gigs ramm, 300+gigs 7200rpm raid, giga 160, RME Hammerfall HDSP 96, VSL Orch. Cube, NI complete 2 AU, dual 800 G4, os 10.2.8, dp 4.12au, motu M5 1.08, waves platinum 4.3x, uad 3.5.1 Spectrasonics Stylus & Atmosphere (AU versions) 1.25 gigs ram, miromotion dc30+ vid capture crd, motu pci 424 G5 card, midi exprss xt

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    Re: importing dual mono and M5

    If you havn't already, I would just try to get NI customer support on the phone.


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