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Topic: Kawai MP8 Shipping in US VERY SHORTLY

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    Exclamation Kawai MP8 Shipping in US VERY SHORTLY

    Hello everyone-

    A few weeks ago, I posted a notice inquiring whether anyone was equally interested as I in the forthcoming MP8 master MIDI controller from KAWAI. Turns out after some digging, finally got ahold of an authority within KAWAI US who reports that shipment/availability within the US is "imminent". It is already available in Europe, but wasn't in the inventory of music stores within my vercinity when I was in London a few weeks ago...

    I'm planning to upgrade either to the S90-es or MP8 (presently use the S90), and wanted to drop this note in case any of you were still following this launch. From everything I can tell, the MP8 is great combination of acoustic piano feel (should be at least equal to the P250) and with better MIDI control, in particular multi-channel output, more zones, than its closest Yamaha counterpart. I'm less interested in whether the piano samples are the best of the best because, like many of you, I believe the best is found via sampler technology these days (i.e. Ivory, PMI, etc.).

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    Re: Kawai MP8 Shipping in US VERY SHORTLY

    I'm planning on upgrading to either the MP8 or the Roland RD-700sx. I actually spent some time yesterday searching to see what I could find out! I came across a forum thread comparing the two instruments, but it was in German, I think, and the translation software is not that effective! I'm hoping it will be released in Canada, soon, and then I can evalute it, and make my final decision.

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