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Topic: GS with Aureal Vortex 2

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    GS with Aureal Vortex 2

    Anybody successfully used this card with GS (v2.5) on Win98SE?
    Im using the Vxd drivers for the card - I also have a SB live Plat installed with WDM drivers (so I know that GS wont work with this).

    The Aureal card works fine in every other respect (other software) - uses DirectX 8 no probs etc...

    In GS, the card (Aureal) is recognised and is selectable in setup (48Khz sample rate, 16 bit etc) - I can load sounds into GS, midi input works when I strike a key on my keyboard (indicator lights come on in GS etc) - but I get no actual sound (the Aureal card is routed through Line in on the Live card - have tested that this is set up OK i.e I can play other sources from the card e.g. internal synth OK through line in)

    I know of course that I need to get a decent card, GSIF etc for a proper solution, but in the meantime Id really like to get the Aureal card working through directX - just with 2 inputs (as I used to with my Live card using VXD drivers)

    Any help would be MUCH appreciated - Thanks

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    Re: GS with Aureal Vortex 2

    Truthfully? Install the VXD drivers for the Live. I use my Audigy under 98SE almost exclusively with GS for regular composing and practicing.

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