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Topic: DXi Option for Plugin Effects?

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    Question DXi Option for Plugin Effects?

    I have a good 50 or 60 DXi effects - reverbs, EQs, etc...from Sony, Sonitus, etc (most came either with Sonar 5 or Sound Forge 8) all over my PC (same one that runs Gigastudio 3 Orchestra).

    Sonar has a VST Adapter - I've been searching the web for a similar tool for Gigastudio 3 Orchestra, but have had no luck.

    I just find it lame that I have so many DXi effects, and absolutely no VST effects (except those that ship with Gigastudio 3 Orchestra) - so does anyone have any suggestions here?

    Thanks very much...

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    Lightbulb Re: DXi Option for Plugin Effects?

    There's a DX-to-VST wrapper (FFX-4) freely available from:


    I have been using it succesfully in GS3 with many DX plugs. You can even load 4 DX effects simultaneously, allowing a total number of 16 DXs per GS3 channel, instead of 4 VSTs.

    Hope this helps...


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    Re: DXi Option for Plugin Effects?

    Why not just keep using them in Sonar on the audio that comes back from GS?

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